Defensive Carbine/Rifle Level 3 Class

Defensive Carbine 3 builds on the marksmanship and shooting techniques taught in the Level  1 & 2 Carbine. The advance techniques prepare you for a multitude of contingencies. Learn from […]


Defensive Handgun Level 1 Class

The average self-defense shooting is 2.2 to 2.4 seconds from the time the threat in recognized, the weapon is drawn, and the victor stands over the loser. There is no […]


LTC Handgun

Let TCCI’s Licensed Police Firearms Instructors prepare you for the concealed or open carry of a handgun. Professionals who have been instructing LTC (formerly CHL) for 26 plus years. Who […]


Defensive Carbine/Rifle Level 1 Class

Defensive Carbine I prepares you to use semi-auto short barreled weapon systems for personal self-defense applications.  The class stress close-quarter and mid-range applications for home and street situations. Learn from […]